Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Sword of Honour in the Indian Armed Forces

Joining the armed forces is a proud moment for any Indian patriot, since being a cadet in the armed forces is a really important talent to possess. The cadets are called the best of the rest but to achieve that they go through a lot of rigorous training. Now for any cadet to be the best, achieving the sword of honor is the most difficult task and is considered to be the most honored achievement for a cadet to possess, and to earn this, the cadet has to work very hard. 

Approximately 6 lakh candidates apply on average over the time of 6 months for IMA, AFA, OTA, and INA. Out of which 8000 candidates clear the CDS written exam and get shortlisted for SSB. Out of those 8000, 350-400 candidates are recommended and only 250-300 are then merited in. After these many levels of filtration, the candidates who remain join the academy. In every 2000 applications, only 1 applicant is selected. This selected applicant from 2000 joins the academy. The Sword of Honour is awarded only to 1 of these 250-300 selected candidates. This candidate has to give the best performance to earn the sword, better than the rest. 

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There are seven different parameters that are to be followed to earn the Sword of Honour, which makes a candidate honourable. 

  1. Physical Tests: This is the most important part of a cadet in the journey of achieving the Sword of Honour. At the point when a candidate is in an institution which is in favour of physical wellness, this can’t be undermined. This incorporates a wide range of drills and swimming tests. The fitter you are, the higher your odds to get top in the legitimacy list. 
  2. Field Training: This is the fundamental military aptitude to work subtly and the techniques used to do as such. Proficient field preparation is just conceivable by investing energy, exertion, and regard for remembering combat zone subtleties, penetration and break courses, development, and work of concealing positions, adversary power principles, and hardware. 
  3. Service Subjects: When you are on the indefinite term, you are given your particular assistance subjects. These are the subjects they acquire on the off chance that you are fit for it. Thus, much like field preparation, spending significant time in your administration subjects acquires you additional credits to be at the top in the merit list. 
  4. Dynamic Participation: A functioning member is enjoyed by everybody – one who doesn’t say ‘no’. You are relied upon to partake in games and sports and dominate in it. 
  5. Holding Appointments: This boundary puts to test the hierarchical and the executives’ aptitudes which are by the most significant abilities an official must-have. Holding arrangement makes it clear about what you are able to do. 
  6. OLQs: For the individuals who thought OLQs are just restricted until the SSB screening, reconsider. You are assessed for OLQs in light of the fact that you are required to convey the equivalent. Your OLQs are assessed at every single point in the institute. 
  7. Additional Course: Those who have decided on an extra course like ‘Basic Para’ have an advantage against the individuals who haven’t. Subsequently, it again acquires you additional credit to head to the top of the merit/legitimacy list. 

The Sword winners don’t need any introduction for themselves as the Sword of Honour speaks for them.