DRDO - Exoskeleton Suit for Indian Army Soldiers

Heroes sacrifice their life for our country. To make the lives of our Desh Ke Heroes safer and conducive, DRDO has been doing R&D on the exoskeleton innovation for quite a while at this point. In any case, it is yet to handle any operational innovation in this field.

While China, in the midst of the line of actual control tensions, came out with military-grade exoskeleton suits which are fueled and utilized for conveying ammo. In late 2020, non-controlled exoskeletons were utilized by the Chinese line defence troops for supporting tasks like supply delivery, patrol, etc.

What are Exoskeletons?

Exoskeletons are the devices worn by Heroes over a regular uniform to expand their solidarity. The contraption accompanies controlled exceptional gadgets and AI to improve the abilities of an officer. They can either be composed of unbending materials like metal and carbon fiber or delicate and flexible materials.

Benefits of Exoskeleton for Indian Army Soldiers

  • An  Exoskeleton suit manipulated upon a soldier is required to improve his extra burden conveying limit by 100kg for at least 8 hours of operational time and has 3-5 hours of battery reinforcement.
  • Soldiers who watch in high height landscapes wear leg-gear that helps them in strolling in the snow. 
  • It likewise lessens weariness and depletion faced by the soldiers in a less oxygen environment. 
  • They diminish over half of the  load burden, along these lines decreasing the injury to the soldiers.

Various R&D in bio-designing and electro-clinical innovation is in progress in DRDO Lab to expand the strength of the Indian Army Soldiers. DEBEL, the nodal lab doing R&D on the exoskeleton, is utilizing in-house skills in orders of Biomedical or Biomechanics, actuators, and control frameworks.

Last December (2020), in response to a question by Financial Express Online, DRDO had said that “For enhancing Indian soldiers’ performance in military scenarios, several configurations including lower/upper extremity, and full-body exoskeletons are being developed and several DRDO labs are involved in this.”

At last, we conclude that this innovation & technology will bring the Indian Defence as well as India in a different state of manner. Our country is taking a brilliant step in the technology sector and most important is that this will help our Indian Army Soldiers. Our Soldiers are honor and pride to us and our motherland.