How To Join a PARA SF in the Indian Army?

The Para SF is a special kind of prime elite force of the Indian Army. A Para SF commando is addressed as the ‘Red Devil’. One who aspires to be a Para commando should be courageous and suitable for the same. To get enrolled as a Para commando is not an easy task instead it is very much challenging. It is once in a blue moon opportunity.

Indian PARA SPECIAL FORCE is one of the loftiest uncommon powers far and wide, each Indian guard wannabe and serving the part already, wish to join the PARA SF regiment and wear the notable maroon beret and Balidaan identification, however, it is difficult to gain the renowned title of “Red Devil”. The aspirant has to first Join Indian Army to get into Para SF since there is no direct enrolment procedure in the Para Special Forces.

The Para Commandos are a special force unit of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. special reconnaissance, counterinsurgency, etc. which are conducted sincerely. They have doled out errands like direct activity, prisoner salvage, counter-terrorism oppression, conventional and unconventional warfare, exceptional surveillance, counterinsurgency, and so forth which they lead genuinely. To accomplish these tasks, the Parachute Regiment was formed in the year 1966.

Identification of a Para Commando is done by his Maroon Beret, Special Force Shoulder Title, and the Balidaan Badge. Only the Para Commandos are given the Balidaan Badge in the Indian Army. Alongside being the most proficient unit in the Indian Army, the Para Commandos are the most perilous as well.

Their motto is “MEN APART, EVERY MAN AN EMPEROR”, which means albeit every one of them together is phenomenal, regardless of whether you consider each man of the Para independently, He is an Emperor. They have proved their ability in major operations since their inception. They have performed various operations not only in our own country but also in other countries.

Now to become part of the most precious unit of the Indian Army, certain things are required which are stated below:

The Eligibility criteria:

  • If the candidate is 10th, 12th, or a graduate, then the candidate can apply for it. Just like MARCOS Commandos, there is no direct entry in Para Commandos too.

  • Since there is no direct entry, the first step to get enrolled in Para SF, the candidate has to join the Indian Army. After joining the Indian Army, the aspirant can apply with whichever rank he possesses, that is it could be either Commission Rank or Non-commission Rank for the Para Special Force.

  • There is no specific age limit for this special force unit enrolment, but mostly the young candidates are preferred and selected since the selection procedure is difficult to accomplish for the candidates of higher age category. Hence, the candidates in the age category of 20-25 years are selected more often.

The selection procedure:

  • For Para SF, firstly the candidate has to qualify for Paratrooper. The selection of the Paratrooper goes on for 3 months. This period is called the probation period.

  • The candidates who clear the probation period are sent for the Para SF selection process. Those who fail to clear the probation period are sent back to their parent regiment straight away.

  • The selection process for Para SF is conducted twice a year, which is in the spring and autumn season. The probation period for Para SF is 180 days (6 months). The selection procedure for this is one of the toughest and longest training programs in the world.

The Training for Para SF:

  • The training involves candidates through humiliation, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and mental and physical torture. The selection rate is hardly 10% which is approximately just 1% of the total strength of the Indian Army. The attrition rate is very high and it is nearly equal to 80%.

  • The cadets who clear this tough training of Para SF of 180 days duration are then sent for the further process of attaining the Balidaan Badge.

  • After the completion of the training in the process, the cadets are sent for active operations in the hostile zone for 1 year. The cadets who survive this duration and probationary period are given the Balidaan Badge. And that is when the cadets are officially considered to be the Part of the Para Special Force.

  • The initial training period of the Para Commandos is 3.5 years, where the commandos are given basic and advanced training. They are given both the types of training, the infiltration and the exfiltration.

  • The Para Commandos are free-fall experts. During the time of their training, they do 50 jumps from the height of 33,500 ft.

  • Their combat diving training is done from the Naval Diving School, Kochi. At the time of this training, live ammunition is used.

In simple notations, the Para Commandos are the deadliest soldiers of India. They possess the ability to change the atmosphere of any war.

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