Top Special Forces of India.

India’s 10 Most Powerful Special Forces, hope you have made a habit of checking our website every day if not make it a habit daily. In this, we are going to tell you what are the 10 most powerful military forces in our country.

Top Special Forces of India.

  • Central and State armed forces: In any corner of the country whenever the situation of the judiciary becomes deteriorating, then the Central and State Armed Forces will be deployed to handle such a situation. Whenever there is a riot or violent protests, then it is fully capable of dealing with it. Apart from this, even after getting information about any terrorist plot and in the situation of the crisis, these young people remain at the forefront of the countrymen. 

  • Special Protection Group: Staying in the security of the Prime Minister of India, this is S.P.G. Their job is to gather intelligence, identify and eliminate threats, after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, S.P.G was made more modern and many changes were made by the Govt. of India. They are specially trained to restrict the attack on our Prime Minister. 

  • Special Frontier Force S.F.F: The Special Frontier Force was created after the Indo-Chinese War in 1962. Whether the war is on the ground, on mountains, or in dense forests, this special paramilitary force is available to serve the country everywhere. From the fate of enemies to saving the countrymen and gathering intelligence, cleaning the terror, the Special Frontier Force can face every kind of challenge.

  • COBRA Commando Battalion: This is for Resolute Action, Cobra is a special force of C.R.P.F. whose job is to save the country from the clutches of Naxalism. The Rapid Action Force, created in 2008, has so far cleared many Naxalite organizations from India Special training is given to fight the Cobra Commandos in the wild terrain, change nature, jump from a parachute and aim accurately on your goal. 

  • Force One: After the Mumbai attacks in 2008, the Maharashtra government created a special force of India’s most capable and youth commandos, called “Force One” this force has only one goal to always keep Mumbai safe, which is said to be the city of dreams. Force One is one of the fastest-growing Special Forces in the world You might be surprised to know that they can prepare for any action in less than 15 minutes.

  • National Security Guard N.S.G: You must have heard the name, known as the Black Cats. These commandos are India’s finest anti-terrorist forces. You must have seen these commandos in VIP security and foiling terrorist attacks. How difficult it is to become an NSG commando? So you can understand from this, more than 80% of the youth can not complete their training and who also complete them, they will get the help of Phantom N. S.G. To become a commando (Phantom N. S.G. Commandos), you have to undergo 9 months of strict training.

  • Ghatak Force: Their names are not only deadly, but they prove to be very fatal to the enemies of the country. There is also a part of a deadly army with every battalion of the country’s army. These forces have the world’s most advanced weapon and these commandos are fully trained to face every situation. They have only one goal to get maximum damage to the enemy. Physically and mentally fit soldiers can only join the Ghatak force.

  • Garud Commando Force: Garud commando force is the special unit of the Indian Air Force. These quick activity powers have some expertise in each craftsmanship important to ensure the nation’s airspace. To become an eager commando, you have to undergo 3 years of strict training. During this training, all these techniques are taught to survive in air warfare, precision targeting, search and rescue, dense forests, and freezing areas and to prevent airplane hazards from being hijacked Truly friends, seeing the patriotism of these commandos, we bow our head towards these forces. 

  • Para Commandos Para SF: This Para commando force built in 1966 is India’s most Trained Special Force. Commandos who join this force have to undergo the most difficult military training in the world, in which they must meet all the examinations of physical, mental, and intellectual concentration. From ground to sky and depths of the sea, the Para commandos are able to withstand the uncomfortable situation. The Battle of Pakistan in 1971, the infamous Operation Bluestar of 1984, and the 1999 Kargil war, Para Commandos demonstrated its unlimited potential.

  • Marcos Marine commandos or Marcos: This is a special military contingent of the Indian Navy, whose work is to expedite the danger of any hazard coming in the country from the sea route as soon as possible. To become Marcos’ commando, you have to go through very difficult mental and physical challenges. Their training, which lasted for eight days, is so difficult that it is called “Week of Hell” Therefore its training is considered to be the toughest training in the world These commandos can fire in any situation, even seeing the mirror, behind the back and also at the speed of the light. Marcos is also called a “bearded army” because these commandos specialize in shaving their shirts by putting a beard.

These are “India’s 10 Most Powerful Military Forces”. Someone has rightly told that the countrymen can fulfill their dreams only because of no mention because the heroic soldiers of India are always engaged in protecting their motherland and sacrificing their family and their dreams. We bow to these brave sons of the country.

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