Commands of Indian Armed forces!

The Indian armed forces are one of the world’s largest and strongest forces with lakhs of personnel serving to his motherland with pride and honour. This is essential for our personnel to be organized in order to have perfect synergy in the case of operations. These commands were run by the president of India who is the supreme commander of the Indian Defence System. The Ministry of Defence has the whole control in the Defence System and all the decisions were taken between the supreme commander and the Ministry of Defence.

The Armed Forces for the synergy in the case of operations are divided into commands. These commands are placed to counter the enemy. Now, let’s take a look at the commands of the Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Indian Navy.

  • Indian Army: There are seven commands in the Indian Army which are shown below:
1Northern CommandUdhampur
2Eastern CommandKolkata
3Western CommandChandigarh
4Southern CommandPune
5South Western CommandJaipur
6Central CommandLucknow
7Army Training CommandShimla
  • Indian AirForce: The Air Force also has seven commands as shown below:
1Training CommandBengaluru
2Eastern CommandShillong
3Western CommandNew Delhi
4Southern CommandThiruvananthapuram
5South Western CommandGandhinagar
6Central CommandAllahabad
7Maintenance CommandNagpur
  • Indian Navy: The Indian navy is organised by three commands and they are:
1Southern CommandKochi
2Eastern CommandVisakhapatnam
3Western CommandMumbai

All of these are our commands and their Headquarters of India are serving our motherland. The commands are under the General Officer Commanding-in-chief and the commands are divided into Areas and Subareas.