Life in Siachen for our Soldiers!

One of the coldest places in India is “Siachen”. It is located in the Eastern Karakoram Range of the Himalayas. The conditions there are too difficult for our soldiers. But they live there for the toughest conditions and fight with two enemies one is Pakistan and the other is the weather. 

Many of our soldiers were martyred because of the weather conditions, but normal people don’t know about it. The temperature in Siachen is between -40 degrees in a day and -70 degrees at night and the height of the Siachen Glacier is 5743 m above sea level.

Life in Siachen is the deadliest life for a soldier and they have to live there for their motherland. The blood running through his veins is too warm and full of patriotism as they are fighting with the weather and the fingers on the trigger are fighting with Pakistan. See how difficult life is there, here are some facts about the Siachen Glacier

Climatic conditions: Conditions are very difficult there. Like a normal person cannot survive there for a long time. But our bravest soldiers can face each and every difficult climate condition for us.

Training at Siachen: When soldiers get posted to Siachen they have to go through the 4-5 weeks of training in which they are taught these skills crossing crevasses, climbing over and cutting through 90-degree ice walls, drilling, avalanche clearing, and casualty evacuation.  After completing these skills they had to meet the Glacier. 

Snowstorms and Snowfalls: These things are unpredictable there. Snowstorms can last up to 3 weeks. Winds can cross the 100 mph limit in no time at this height, this leads to a drop in temperature below -60 to -70 degrees celsius. Siachen records state that yearly snowfall can cover more than 2-3 dozen ft as this condition occurs then soldiers have to continuously use their shovels to save their post, otherwise the post will vanish.

The food they need: It is difficult to get fresh food up there, but they must need fresh food. It is in fact how a soldier survives without eating fresh food for so many days there. Even if food like an egg is kept for a while, it will turn into a stone and this is a fact about the fresh food which they can’t get.

How did supplies reach there: With the help of Air Force pilots are required to push their helicopters beyond their limits almost each and every day to drop supplies for our soldiers located at high altitudes. The pilots have less than a minute to drop the supplies because the enemy army post is just a few hundred meters away from our post. The helicopter used to drop the supplies is named the Chinook” helicopter.