Life in the Indian Army!

As we all know, the life of the Army is all about Honor, Dignity, Courage, Tasks, Thrills, Assignments, and Battles. But, a soldier does this without any complaints because it is his Duty and Oath which they take during their training period and they do their duty from the bottom to head.

Indian Army is not just an Army it is our Pride, it is our strength, it is also part of our life because they protect us. They laid their lives for us, to our nation, but what should we give to them “NOTHING”.

Now I will talk about the Quality of Life in the Indian Army. It is all about excitement, honor, prestige, some family time, safety, challenge, adventure, self-respect, and security for their families.

This job is all about the important attribute of life in the Indian Army which has no parallel in any other job. There are some points which give the Quality of Life in the Indian Army :

  • A disciplined profession.

  • Fearless and Strength full.

  • Dignified as a person.

  • Adventures and full of Thrills.

  • Service of the motherland.

  • Socially active with every person.

  • Sports activities.

  • Every day with new challenges.

  • Noble and Excellent profession.

  • Physical and Mental strength ensuring.

  • Opportunity to grow their skills.

  • Opportunity to show their courage.

We add some more in the Quality of Life to ensure the education facilities for their children from school to a professional degree. Quality of Life is not only for army personnel but also for their families. As the Quality of Life, it gives the variety and adventure which are the beautiful part of life.

No other profession gives this kind of variety and adventure the Indian Army gives like trekking, horse riding, golfing, sailing, swimming, and mountaineering. Posting to the different cities to see how our country is beautiful and full of happiness. So at last, if you are looking for thrills, variety, and adventure don’t choose any other profession just accept the challenge and join the Indian Army.

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