11 Best Facts About Officers Training Academy(OTA) Chennai

The Officers Training Academy (OTA) has had a profound impact on the development of countless cadets by challenging them to flourish as individuals. The Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai is an Indian Army training facility that prepares officers for the Short Service Commission. The institute is significant because it has consistently provided capable officers to the Indian Army.

11 Best Facts about OTA Chennai

Engrouge yourself to work hard and join the OTA. You can check the best facts about our Officers Training Academy below:

  • The Academy is stationed on a 650-acre estate bordering the Chennai International and Domestic Airports and about 15 kilometres from the Chennai Central Railway Station on Chennai’s Grand Southern Trunk (GST) Road.
  • The Officers Training Academy, popularly recognized as OTA Chennai, is a premier institute of the Indian Army that trains men and women to become officers for the Indian Army Short Service Commission.
  • The OTA is the second most rigorous military training programme, challenging cadets to their mental and physical capabilities.
  • The OTA Chennai’s 49-week (one-year) course prepares cadets for all branches of the Indian Army (excluding the Army Medical Corps) and excels in establishing a realistic training environment for the cadets.

  • India emphasized the role to develop institutes to train additional officers for the Indian Army in 1962. Two Officers Training Schools (OTS) were formed, one in Chennai and the other in Pune, to prepare officers for the Emergency Commission.
  • With a total of 442 Young Indians, the inaugural Emergency Commission (EC) training began on January 15, 1964.
  • With an enthusiastic speech to the cadets, Brigadier Ram Singh (First OTA Commandant) and Shri C Subramaniam (Former Union Minister for Steel and Heavy Industries) formally unveiled the Officers Training School.
  • On January 1, 1988, the Officers Training School (OTS) became the Officers Training Academy (OTA).
  • The first batch of women, consisting of 25 candidates, was inducted into the Indian Army’s Officer Cadre on September 22, 1992, marking a watershed moment in the organization’s history.
  • OTA Chennai is well equipped to train officers for counter-insurgency operations, with a real jungle lane shooting range and grenade lobbing area for the cadets. It has been a great honour for India’s aim of providing competent officers to the Indian Army.
  • The song “Rohini” was written specifically for OTA. Subedar SP Gautam, Gentlemen Cadets, and other officers collaborated on the song’s composition. The Commandant, Major General N Vishwanath, finally gave his approval.


The OTA, Chennai, trained a few officers who were awarded special gallantry medals. At OTA Chennai, Major Ramaswamy Parameshwaran of the 8 Mahar Regiment “Operation Pawan” was awarded the Param Vir Chakra. 15 Maratha Light Infantry Lt. Navdeep Singh (posthumous) was an Ashoka Chakra recipient who had his training at OTA Chennai. Mahavir Singh Chandpuri, Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, 23 Punjab, Indo-Pak War 1971, Mahavir Singh Chandpuri, 23 Punjab, Indo-Pak War 1971, Mahavir Singh Chand.

The first academy, founded in 1963, is located on the outskirts of Chennai. Between 1942 and 1945, seven Officers Training Schools were built in India to address the high demand for officers in the Indian and Commonwealth Armies during WWII. These schools, however, were closed down at the end of the war.

Last Words

Many people dream about joining the Army and Spend their Training in the Officers Training Academy(OTA). Our Desh Ke Heroes will go there for the training and the OTA makes them super-warriors to make our country proud of them.