Why does the Indian Army use Bullet Bike!

‘Regal Enfield’ and ‘Shot ‘, these names are not new for the military. Indeed, they have been obtained from the organization’s connections with the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, London. Being one of the most established cruiser producers, Royal Enfield provided bicycles for dispatch riders during the Second World War. Be that as it may, their set of experiences with the Indian Army began in 1949 when the public authority requested Royal Enfield Bullets for line watch use. From that point forward, Royal Enfields has kept a connection with the Indian Army and they got one more personality in the nation as military bicycles.

Prior Triumphs and BSAs in the Army had numerous mechanical downsides and a high pace of wear and tear, thus they became old. The British maker consented to supply the 350cc, 4-stroke Royal Enfield Bullet in 1949. Aside from being strong, dependable, and better-performing bikes, one more fascinating was that the UK producer consented to confine its creation in India. In 1955, Royal Enfield joined forces with Madras Motors in India to shape Enfield India and began collecting the bicycle locally in the country. The 350cc Bullets were sent from the Redditch industrial facility in packs to get together at the Madras (presently Chennai) plant.


For what reason is it called Bullet?

The organization called Royal Enfield just to give proper respect to the Enfield Rifle (its plant was shut by then, at that point), subsequently the model name – Bullet. They are additionally inferring that the bicycle is just about as quick as a slug, however, it is chiefly a chronicled reference to the well known arms producer. 

Slug bicycle is unpleasant and extreme and can withstand any torment. In my view, shots are the solitary effective bicycle that can endure the kicks of weighty boots of troopers on gear switches. Despite the fact that a bicycle is utilized by various people in drives it doesn’t need ordinary support like other more modest bicycles. The body and design of the bicycle are exceptionally solid and can withstand any shock absent a lot of damage. One significant benefit of shot is that they can go on almost any landscape, alluding to territory with no sort of street snow, rocks, vegetation, sand, every last bit of it. Obviously, it’s not be thought about a tank on 2 wheels yet nearest you can get to it

At last, we see our heroes riding the bullet bikes, it looks they are only the dashing Desh Ke Heroes of our country.