10 Habits that will make you better prepared for SSB interview

A cadet at some defence schools is referred to as a GC for a reason (Gentleman Cadet). A gentleman is a man who conducts himself in a courteous manner. He has more attributes than the typical individual or at the very least the aptitude to absorb them. Assessors at SSB are continuously looking for individuals who have OLQs (Officer Qualities)

1.)”An individual who excels intolerance and ingenuity has vanquished everything since patience is the key.”

You’ve probably been angered many times in your life, but when you reflect on those occasions, you’ll realize that being patient would have been the better option. The worst moments can be tolerated by a gentleman. Patience is exceedingly tough to come by, but if you do, you will be the master of all things.

2.) “Be careful not to raise your voice. “Strengthen your argument.”

Before engaging in an argument, make sure you have all of your facts straight. If you are correct, you will always win the argument in the most courteous tone, and it is pointless to argue for false facts, no matter how loud your voice is. Contrary to widespread opinion, ranting and screaming at SSB will not improve your situation. Always remember not to debate with a moron. He’ll draw you down to his level and use his experience to outsmart you.

3.) Being sensitive and kind to everyone that may run over your way, would be a plus point since everyone you come across your way is probably going through a problematic time.”

Remember to be kind and kind to everyone, even if you are one of the intelligent and smart-looking people. Being kind is the first step in demonstrating respect for someone.

4.)Your scars are not to be ashamed of; don’t conceal them, they reflect what your character is. They show what you are made of and what you have been through.

Your failures and struggles are your strength, which you should flaunt rather than hide. People are only inspired by people who have overcome adversity to achieve their goals.

5.) At times when you can’t do incredible things and perform big tasks, do every little thing with precision and the little things enormously.

Make an effort to do your part in a dynamic manner. Take pride in anything you accomplish, and it will brighten your life.

6.) Looking appealing and amiable isn’t about vanity or being proud of oneself; it’s about self esteem, respect, and certainty.

Don’t make a favorable impression on anyone else. Make a good impression on yourself. Groom yourself and dress well on a regular basis; you don’t have to do it only on special occasions to impress a third party.

7.) “Manners are important. Aesthetic appeal is a plus. Humor is required.”

Allow me to explain this to you in greater detail. There was once a kid who went to the SSB interview. The Deputy President of the Board was interviewing him. The interviewing officer was impressed by his intelligence and other OLQs, but he had reservations about his temper. In answer to his queries, he asks a follow-up question:

Q. In the event that your mom is a prostitute, what would you say to her about it?

In that scenario, Sir, my father would have been her only customer.” He said with a smile.

This is referred to as a sense of humor. It assists in dealing with difficult and awkward situations in a positive manner. One would have reacted to the question, and this simply indicates to the IO that you have some control over your temper. Despite his poor performance in GTO, that kid was later recommended by the board. As a result, a sense of humor is required.

8.) Lies run in runs, yet truth runs in long distance races.

You may have gotten away with lies in the past, but they will not work here at SSB. The assessors here are far too experienced and far too intelligent for you to fool them with your nonsense. Always be truthful, and you will find yourself in a better position.

9.) Work hard peacefully, and let achievement be your soundtrack.

Don’t brag about your accomplishments. Here’s an example to illustrate the point: which of the following will make you happier?

You brag about your accomplishments to others.

You are hearing about your accomplishments from others.

Certainly, the second option will fill you with pride.

10.) A wise person understands that everyone has something to teach them.

Everyone has a lot to teach us. Talk to those who have good insights, are more experienced, and have more knowledge, but who also gain value from the failures of others. You can, believe it or not, analyze and learn from everyday life events if you are clever enough.

Wrapping Up

People are always looking forward to having friends with such characteristics. Assessors at SSB are always on the lookout for cadets who possess such qualities. You already have an officer within you; all you need to do is bring it out. Someone once said something beautiful: “Being male is a matter of birth.” It is a matter of age when you become a man. Being a gentleman, on the other hand, is a choice.”

Make your decision, Gentlemen!