Guide for IGRUA Pilot Aptitude Test.

In this article, I will tell you about IGRUA (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi) Pilot Aptitude Test, which is abbreviated as PAT or ( WOMBAT). This test is specifically applicable to the IGRUA CPL entrance exam which you have to give after you clear their written exam. So let’s see, In PAT basically your psychomotor skills precision, coordination, multitasking, situational awareness, short term memory, etc, all these things are tested. In this, you have three main objectives. 

  • The first is tracking the objects. 
  • The second is to enable auto-track mode and play games. 
  • The third is to monitor the performance graph, simultaneously along with the other two tasks as I said. Now let’s break down these objectives in a simple way and try to understand it properly step by step. 
  • So the first point is, reading the instruction manual Just before 20-30 minutes of your test, an instruction manual will be given to you and you have to read it very carefully as it contains A to Z instructions related to this test. That is, how to operate these joysticks and keypad controls, etc, If you have any doubt in this manual, then you can ask the in-charge officials of the test. Here one important point is, instructions in this manual are the same as the instructions that will be there on the computer screen when your test starts, So don’t waste your time reading that again. Because you can save this time and use it in a practice session, as the total duration of this test is 10 minutes only, which includes your practice session. 
  • The second point is, Practice Session,  after you read the manual properly in a given time, your test starts. Here you will have a computer screen in front of you, in which all instructions will come one by one along with that you have a keypad and two joysticks at your desk as shown, with the help of that you have to complete the whole task. In this keypad, different numbers are embedded as shown in the figure, in which few numbers are in a box, whose usage I will explain in further steps. Next is Joystick, which you can move in almost any direction you want i.e Forward, Backward, Left, Right. Here you will have a Red Colour Trigger Button which you have to use for enabling or disabling the Autotrack Mode. 
  • Now let’s see about the Practice Session, in this firstly you have to track objects with Right Joystick only. In this, a hexagon will be moving on its own in any direction and you have to keep this target “+” sign under this hexagon with the help of Right Joystick Now, as soon as your “+” sign comes under this hexagon, the color of the hexagon will be changed a bit, and this is the time where you have to press the Red Trigger Button and enable the Autotrack Mode. Here an important point to be noted is, you have to practice this test in two modes. 
  • In this first is Velocity Mode, Second is Acceleration Mode. In velocity mode the response of the joystick is linear and very high i.e no delay in response, means as you move your joystick in any direction at the same time your target “+” sign will also move in the same direction i.e instantly without any delay. But in Acceleration Mode joystick response becomes sluggish, meaning if you move your joystick in forwarding direction then your target “+”  sign will reach the desired position after a delay of a few milliseconds. That’s why it’s a bit difficult to track objects in Acceleration Mode. Now next you have to practice Left Joystick. In this you will have parallel vertical lines over the hexagon, you have to track the hexagon with these lines. 
  • To move these pairs of lines you have to use your Left Joystick forward or backward. for example backward to move these lines close to each other and forward to move them apart. As soon as both these pairs of lines align with the hexagon, the color of the hexagon will change a bit, and same as before this time also you have to press the Red Trigger Button plus you have to practice this session in both Velocity and Acceleration Mode like before. Now one important point to be noted here is when your actual test starts after a practice session, you have to move these two joysticks simultaneously means you have to track both target “+” sign and parallel vertical lines simultaneously, then only you can enable the Autotrack Mode. In addition, you have to monitor a performance graph as shown on the right side. Plus the computer automatically switches between Velocity Mode and Acceleration Mode, that means while performing the task you have to assess the current mode according to the joystick response and how much you have to move your joystick as per response. Now, as soon as you track the objects and press the Autotrack Trigger Button, instantly at that time only you have to enter in Games Mode with the help of the keyboard. Here you will have three types of games: 
  • First is 3D Objects, the second is Quadrant and the third is Memory Based. While playing these games you have to simultaneously monitor the performance graph as shown, in which your task is to keep this graph as high as possible. If it shows a decline in performance then it means your Autotrack mode is disabled automatically and now you have to again switch from game mode to your object tracking mode then again track the object, enable auto-track mode and come back again to game mode and continue the process. Now let’s see about these games in detail.
  • First is the 3D objects. In this task you will have two 3D objects as shown, you can move these objects in any direction with the help of a respective joystick, which means left object via the left joystick and right object via the right joystick. Here your task is to find out if both these objects are similar or mirror images! And you have to answer this with the help of keypad numbers for example 1. for Similar, 2. for Mirror. 
  • Now the second game is Quadrant, in this, you will have 4 boxes in which numbers will be embedded and as I mentioned earlier, few keypad buttons are embedded in yellow boxes. These yellow box numbers are used in this game only. In this task you will have different numbers embedded in different quadrants like 1, 2, 3… up to 30, your task is to find out the position of numbers series wise from 1,2,3…upto 30 and press the respective yellow button on the keypad one by one simultaneously. Like here we have 3,4,6 and 7 numbers in the yellow box, representing the four quadrants or boxes, so series wise you have to find out one by one from 1,2,3…upto 30 and press the respective button on the keypad in which these numbers are embedded. As soon as you press the desired button, automatically that number in quadrant will disappear series wise. 
  • The third game is Short Term Memory-Based, in this task three number will flash one by one for example 1, 2, and then 3, so here your task is to press the exact number on the keypad which you saw the first means here if you press “1” on the keypad as its the first number we just saw then as soon as you press ”1″ button on the keypad, at the same time a new number will flash,  say for example “5” now you have to memorize this series i.e 1 -2 -3 -5 means along with next digit you have to remember the series too i.e Last 2 digits. Now as soon as you press “2” on the keypad, a new number will flash in front of you, say for example “9”. Now again you have to memorize this series i.e 3 -5 -9 then again you have to press “3”, again a new number will flash say “7” and the process continues like this. An important point here is, the more you play the games, the more is your performance, if you make any mistake while playing the game then accordingly your performance will also go down.

Pilot Aptitude Test 2021

In addition, your auto-track mode will be automatically disabled. That’s why you have to play all of the games carefully and monitor the performance graph as well. If your performance graph declines then again you have to exit from game mode to object tracking mode again you have to track the object, enable the auto-track mode and continue the game like before, So all in all you have to simultaneously track the object, play games and monitor the performance graph as well. You will get a result just after you finish the test and you have to score a minimum of 70% to pass this test. So I hope you have understood what you have to do in the pilot aptitude test and how all tasks are performed.  

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