7 SSB Interview Questions

Your SSB interview is an important factor. Whether you get the job or not primarily depends on how well you perform in the interview. IO uses a variety of methods to determine whether a candidate is qualified to serve as an officer or not. While some of the questions he poses are personal favorites, candidates typically follow suit and provide responses that significantly reduce their chances of being chosen. 

Here are 7 SSB Interview Questions That Help in Your Selection:

Give me some information about yourself

The answer to this one question can tell a lot about who you are, your life, and who you are. If you respond well to this question, you have a positive effect on yourself. You must discuss your personality in detail. A lot about a person can be learned from what they say about themselves in such a short amount of time. In essence, you must subtly sell your personality in response to this question.

The extensive inquiry

Candidates frequently experience anxiety regarding this lengthy question. They believe they have ruined their interview by forgetting the questions in between. The quality of your response to the comprehensive question is the most important aspect. Cover every point. The simple trick is that these questions fit together easily and follow a pattern. It’s critical that you believe this.

Justification for joining

Similar to every other private organization interview they attend, people believe this is a light-hearted question; They simply have to respond for the sake of responding. Others continue with invented statements about passion, patriotism, and other idealistic concepts. You are required to provide responses that are relevant to you and not something you have read or heard elsewhere to this question. You need to be practical.
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How is this attempt different from previous ones? Why did you fail? For repeaters, this is an important question. You must again respond practically and truthfully here. Analyze your mistakes and improve your preparation. You will only be able to provide an accurate response to this question if you reflect on yourself and your attempt.

Regarding your family and friends

This further demonstrates your lack of awareness of your surroundings if you are unable to adequately respond to questions about your family or friends. Furthermore, officers must remain aware of their surroundings. Therefore, be well-prepared regarding the skills and work of your friends and family.

Situational inquiries

During the interview, a situation-reaction test is presented to you slowly and very skillfully. The officer conducting the interview will ask you, politely, “What will you do if your parents won’t let you marry the person you want?”Or, if your parents tell you not to join the military, how did you organize a football game at your college, if you said you wanted to play football or anything else like that? The key here isn’t to deny what is happening and acknowledge it and reply in a full-grown way, comparing to your character.

Question about self-awareness

The most difficult task is to know oneself. While we are able to evaluate and critique other people, we rarely fully comprehend ourselves. Commonly you’ll be posed inquiries that request knowledge into your own character. As you might have mentioned in the PIQ, he might ask you to back up your answers about your routine and hobbies.

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Questions for which you do not have a response

The purpose of interviews is not to assess your knowledge. They are meant to see how you respond to questions you don’t know the answers to. Being straightforward, honest, and calm while admitting that you lack sufficient knowledge to answer the question is essential in this situation.