Seven ways to conquer GTO tasks in an SSB Interview

GTO is one of all the 3 totally different testings conducted at SSB, in contrast to alternative tests. GTO tasks are the group activities that aspirants should perform together with their group members. The cluster Testing Technique is an experimental technique that’s used at the SSB’s. in contrast to the individual testing in isolation testing them by this method judges their ability to figure as a bunch and their purposeful capacity. this will be an honest issue to gauge the potential of every individual and build alternatives on the idea of their suitableness to be a region of the Armed Forces. cooperation is unthinkably essential within the armed forces. an honest team member is a perfect candidate GTO is searching for throughout the cluster tasks, there are a couple of properties of a good team member that we’ve mentioned below. To emerge as a frontrunner in your group one should possess these qualities and show them whereas performing arts is the group task.

Honest and Straightforward: an honest team member must be honest and easy while performing the group activity, he must keep the group objective as a primary goal and build unbiased choices while performing the group tasks.

Shares the Load: A good team member should facilitate alternative team members by sharing their load. this {can be} not the physical load you would like to hold throughout PGT, however, it can be the load whether or not physical or mental your cluster members are taking whereas performing arts is a precise task.

Reliable: An honest team member must be able to help the group whenever needed along with his best abilities, he must kick-off as a reliable team member to attain the group objectives.

Fair: An honest team member should provide credit wherever it’s due, don’t snatch somebody else’s idea.

Enhances Others’ Skills: An honest team member provides some distinctive skills and/or information that move the team forward.

Sensible Communication Skills: An honest team member should be a superb mortal whereas operating in an exceedingly group. He/She must be ready to throw the ideas and command clearly and firmly.

Positive Attitude: An honest team member will carry a positive perspective irrespective of what the top result is. He/She will continually encourage alternative team members to stay moving forward.

Four basic testing technique principles. their

Social theory

This theory lays foundations on the very fact that people incessantly move with associate degreeother}, influence and be influenced by each other in an exceedingly group.

Cluster Development

To perform like a bunch is important once it involves defense force and it goes through a variety of stages that overlap each other to grant an overall performance embrace formation, exploration, cooperation, and discipline.

Free Association

The individuals are liberal to participate the maximum amount as attainable within the group activity and therefore the GTO observes the performance of everyone in all of them individually.

Cluster Dynamism

Each candidate is evaluated for “group dynamism” by the GTO i.e. the contribution of every individual within the cluster activity or the task.

The group testing technique consists of 9 tasks in total to assess the temperament and therefore the individuality of each candidate and that they are:

Basic Series

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Progressive Group Tasks (PGT)
  • Group Obstacles Race (GOR)

Confirming Series

  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Lecturette
  • Individual Obstacles (IO)
  • Command Task (CT)

Final Series

Final cluster Task (FGT)

Day three and day four of the SSB interview include these tests and tasks finally the candidates are divided into many groups. together with these a couple of out of doors tasks also are conducted wherever the people readying and preparing themselves mentally and physically creating a lot of zealous and assured to require on the tests actively.

These are the ways that you can qualify for the SSB interview and become our next Desh Ke Heros and serve our motherland.