Top 10 facts about Cobra Commandos

Cobra Commando is the special unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Cobra stands for “Commando Battalion For Resolute Action”. The Cobra Commando was formed on 12th September 2008 to counter the Naxalite problems. 

10 facts to know about the Cobra Commandos

  1. The Cobra Commandos Unit is one of the most experienced and successful law enforcement units of the Indian Special Forces. It is also included among the best Paramilitary Forces of the world. They were proficient in Guerrilla Tactics and Jungle Warfare. 

  2. The motto of the Cobra is “Glory or Death” which means either get the victory or die. They are armed with Guerrilla Warfare and Hi-Tech weapons.

  3. They are one of the special forces who have expertise in Guerilla warfare. After the establishment, they successfully wiped out many Naxalite groups. Cobra Special Force is one of the best-equipped Paramilitary units of India. 

  4. The Cobra Commandos are trained to live in the wild for 12 to 15 days without food, water, or any other aid. 

  5. Cobra Commandos are awarded the gallantry awards for their valor and gallant actions and for their bravery. They are already decorated with 9 of such gallantry medals. Two of the Cobra Commandos were awarded Shaurya Chakra. Commando Ashish Kumar Tiwari and his assistant commandant R V Mishra were the two brave hearts awarded with the Shaurya Chakra. 

  6. They are trained in the elite counter-insurgency and jungle warfare (CIJW) school of Mizoram. Cobra Commandos have a rough training of anti-terrorism in Silchar. They are also addressed as ‘Master of Camouflage’ because they are experts in camouflaging. They are trained with the Para Special Force for the ‘Halo Jump’. 

  7. There is more than 10,000 active personnel in the Cobra Special Unit. The Cobra Special Force has around 10 battalions. In 2009, the Ministry of Home permitted the creation of battalions to counter-attack the Naxalites. In view of Naxalite’s violent attacks on security forces, it was necessary that an appropriate counter-strategy should be made to kill the enemies in their own location. And for this reason, the creation of 10 battalions of the Cobra Commandos was done. 

  8. They are trained in the form to hunt and eliminate the Naxalite groups. They are trained to fight in any situation and also they have a great benefit of multitasking. Cobra Commandos specializes in Guerrilla Warfare as well as field engineering, Tracking of Explosives, and Jungle Survival Tactics. They master the forms of camouflage and jungle warfare. 

  9. Cobra is the best-equipped CAPF Unit in the country, with ammunition of about 13 Billion rupees. They have INSAS rifle, FN FAL, OFB SLR 1A1, AKM assault rifle, X-95, Heckler and Koch MP5, Dragunov SVD, Mauser SP66, and other such deadly weapons. The equipment for the Cobra Commandos is manufactured by the Indian Ordnance Factories. 

  10. Cobra’s sniper teams have the best sniping skill and hence are used to headshot key targets. Their training pattern is the same as that of NSG. In their training period, their main focus is on jungle warfare techniques. They are experts in attacking accurately. After 3 months of rigorous training, they are deployed to their unit for Counter-Naxal activities.

So, these are the facts about the Cobra commando. These commandos are highly trained in the combat situations like other commandos. They are part of CRPF Batllions.