Top 6 Indian Artillery Guns

The artillery guns are very important to the Indian Army. There are 3 types of artillery guns. These are:

  1. Field Artillery.
  2. Mortars. 
  3. Self-Propelled Artillery. 

The field artillery that the Indian Army uses is also known as HOWITZER or TOWED Artillery. This artillery is called Howitzer or Towed because they have to be towed with the help of another vehicle to transport them from one place to another. The field artillery is mobile artillery. The field artillery is used to support the army on the battlefield. At current times, there are almost 6 types of field artillery systems with the Indian Army.

  1. 105 MM Indian Field Gun: The first one is the 105 MM Indian Field Gun System. This is India’s howitzer gun system designed by the Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) of India in 1972 and it was manufactured by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). It weighs around 3400kgs. Its firing range is approximately 17.2kms. However, it is being upgraded with a digital fire control system and navigation control system to fire up to 30 km from this property. At present, there are approximately 1700 105mm Indian Field Gun systems in the Indian Army.

  1. 105 MM Indian Light Field Gun: The second one is the 105 MM Indian Light Field Gun System. It is the light version of the Indian Field Gun. As compared to the Indian field gun it is very light in weight. Due to being low in weight, this weapon can be deployed comfortably in the mountainous area to fight the enemies. To make it advance too, the up-gradation process is ongoing. At present, there are more than 700 105mm Indian  Light Field Gun systems in the Indian Army.

  1. 122 MM D-30 Howitzer: It was invented by the Soviet Union. This artillery system can fire up to the range of 15.4kms with normal ammunition and with RAB ammunition it can fire up to the range of 21.9kms. At present, there are nearly 550 of the 122mm D-30 Howitzer artillery systems in the Indian Army. These are most probably going to get replaced by M-46 Artillery.

  1. 130 MM  M-46 Field Gun: Just like the 122mm D-30 Howitzer, 130mm M-46 Field Gun was invented by the Soviet Union. M-46 is the Artillery which was known to fire for the longest distance amongst the other artillery. M-46 fires up to the range of 38kms. At present time, there is a total 900 of the 130mm M-46 field gun in the Indian Army. 

  1. 155 MM Metamorphosis Gun: This metamorphosis gun is the upgraded version of the M-46 artillery system. This artillery system was upgraded from 130mm to 155mm by India’s Ordnance Factory Board. The metamorphosis gun is successful in firing up to the range of 39kms. This artillery can fire up to 4 rounds in just 1 minute. There is no data available about the quantity of this artillery in the Indian Army at the present times.

  1. 155 MM Haubits FH77: The Haubits FH77 was manufactured by a Swedish company. This gun can fire up to the range of 24kms maximum. Its effective firing range is 21kms. This artillery can fire 4 rounds in 9 seconds and 6 rounds in 25 seconds. At present time, the Indian Army has approximately 200 of 155mm Haubits FH77. 

In the future, many other field artillery systems are going to be introduced in the Indian Army.

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